Recent Work

1. January, 2015. Los Angeles Superior Court, Van Nuys. People v. B. Defendant charged with felony strike, Penal Code Section 211, Robbery, while on felony probation in another Los Angeles Superior Court case.  Robbery charge Dismissed, with only probation reinstated on the earlier felony case. Defendant sentenced to a rehabilitation program.


2. June, 2015. Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX. People v. K. Defendant arrested for felony theft from a workplace. Government agreed that Defendant could perform community service, while all criminal charges were deferred. Upon successful completion of the community service, all charges will be Dismissed.


3. May, 2015. Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX. People v. S. Pending open DUI case Dismissed at 1538.5 Hearing, with all other charges Dismissed. Defendant had two open DUI cases, at the same time, in the same court.


4. May, 2015. San Bernardino Superior Court, Rancho Cucamonga. People v. Z. Defendant charged with DUI, with a prior DUI conviction, as well as Child Endangerment, after crashing his sports car in his neighborhood. Driving under the Influence charge Dismissed.  Child Endangerment charge Dismissed. And, prior conviction set aside.


5. April, 2015. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. R. Defendant arrested for DUI in Manhattan Beach. 1538.5 Motion to Suppress conceded by the government without evidentiary hearing. All DUI charges Dismissed.


6. November, 2014. Shasta County Superior Court, Redding. People v. H.  Defendant charged with Boating Under the Influence.  Convinced Court to grant Defendant diversion on those charges, after litigating various motions.  All charges Dismissed.


7. November, 2014. Los Angeles County Superior Court, Downtown Los Angeles. People v. V. Defendant charged with Conspiring to Transport Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine for Sale, Possession of >4 Kilos of cocaine, along with a prior drug conviction, a prior prison conviction, and a prior felony strike.  The other involved Defendant was serving some 15 years in custody on the same charges.  After litigating several motions, the Defendant will be released from custody in 4 years.


8. November, 2014. Orange County Superior Court, Fullerton (North Court). People v. R. Defendant charged with DUI.  All charges Dismissed after we successfully litigated a Motion to Suppress Defendant’s blood test results.


9. October, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. R. Defendant charged with Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale, along with two prior convictions for same charge, a prior prison commitment, and a felony probation violation.  Convinced court to Los Angeles Veteran’s Court, where the Defendant was sentenced to drug rehabilitation with no jail time.


10. October, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. C.  Defendant charged with Robbery with Personal Use of Firearm. Maximum sentence of 15 years. Defendant sentenced only to Probation with local custody.


11. September, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Inglewood.  People v. H. Defendant charged with Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale, with various gun charges.  Convinced court to transfer Defendant to the Drug Court program, where all of Defendant’s charges were subsequently dismissed.


12. September, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance.  People v. B. Defendant charged with Possession for Sale of Cocaine, Sales of Cocaine, and had two prison priors and one felony strike prior. The maximum sentence was some 16+ years.  Defendant sentenced to probation with a drug rehabilitation program.


13. August, 2014. Ventura County Superior Court.  People v. A. Defendant charged with multiple counts of 288(c)(1), involving minor victims.  Probation granted over D.A. objections with no sex offender registration required.


14. April, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance.  People v. M. Defendant charged with DUI, Refusal, and had one prior conviction with various other vehicle code violations. All charges Dismissed upon filing of a Motion to Suppress Defendant’s blood alcohol results.



15. July, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. H. Defendant arrested for 4th DUI, one of his priors being a felony, after another accident. 1538.5 Motion granted and all DUI charges Dismissed.


16. June, 2014. United States Federal Court, Kentucky. USA v. U. Defendant charged with transporting, for purposes of sales, a large amount of drugs across state borders after being arrested by the FBI. Secured Defendant a transfer to serve his sentence in California, near his family, in a Camp setting.


17. March, 2014. Los Angeles Superior Court, Downtown. People v. W. Client had been on probation, with 3 years state prison time suspended if client suffered any new violations. Client arrested for new burglary charge AND for new felony evading and firearms offenses, in two separate jurisdictions. Convinced the original court to release Defendant from jail, after only 30 days, and to reinstate probation with no further sanctions.


18. February, 2014. Riverside Superior Court, Indio/Palm Springs. People v. R. DUI case where client also involved in 2 separate accidents, both of which lead to hit and run charges when he drove off. Blood test results .17. All DUI charges dismissed.


19. December, 2013. Major college Southland athlete, on full scholarship, accused of grand theft. All charges dismissed with no court appearance required and no impact on their scholastic status.


20. October, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. C. DUI case dismissed after one year of litigation when we finally convinced the court to suppress the Defendant’s blood test results, from being admitted at trial, on constitutional search and seizure grounds. Prosecutor announced that they were then unable to proceed, and all charges dismissed. There is very recent case law, in this area, that is extremely helpful to the defense.


21. October, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Downey. People v. P. Defendant charged with DUI. Motion to suppress all of Defendant’s Blood Test Results granted, pursuant to Penal Code Section 1538.5, based on recent United States Superior Court, and California Appellate Court Cases that the prosecution had ignored.


22. August, 2013. On appeal from the Los Angeles Superior Court, Norwalk. People v. M. Case involving drugs seized, pursuant to a search warrant, from defendant’s motor home. Trial Counsel (not this office) unsuccessfully argued a Motion to Quash and Traverse the Search Warrant, when the trial judge improperly met, in Chambers, with the government. We were retained after the defendant was convicted at trial, and we filed a Motion for New Trial that included new arguments with regard to the search warrant. On appeal, Court of Appeal agreed with us, and reversed the trial court, ruling that the trial court acted improperly in its review of the search warrant. Case pending Dismissal.


23. August, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Long Beach. People v. V. Defendant had served 10 years for an Armed Robbery case, and had completed parole five years ago. Charged now with possession of a gun in his vehicle. Facing 6 years in state prison. Last offer, before the preliminary hearing, was 32 months in prison. After the preliminary hearing, court agreed to sentence defendant to probation, with his only penalty Community Service.


24. July, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Long Beach. People v. L. Defendant retained us after prior counsel convinced defendant to waive his right to a preliminary hearing. Defendant charged with Burglary, and 3 prison priors. He had served 2 years in state prison for his last conviction, from this same courthouse, on the same charges. Convinced court to grant defendant probation, and defendant allowed to serve remaining custody time on House Arrest.


25. July, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Norwalk. People v. B. Client had an outstanding, no bail, felony warrant for a long standing violation of probation. Resolved the warrant, informally, with the court, and prosecutor, allowing defendant to appear in court, without being placed into custody, at which time the warrant was recalled, and the case dismissed.


26. July, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Airport/LAX. People v. S. No charges filed despite three separate allegations of theft from patrons at a health club. Investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department.


27. May, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. P. Alleged DUI case. All DUI charges, and allegations, dismissed.


28. May, 2013. Shasta Superior Court. People v. H. Defendant a student at one of the leading universities in the United States. Obtained informal diversion, leading to the dismissal of all charges, for client charged with BUI (Boating Under the Influence). Blood Alcohol level alleged to be .10.


29. March, 2013. Los Angeles Airport Superior Court, Whittier. People v. S. Defendant, hoping to become a police officer, charged with Resisting Arrest, Battery, Battery upon a Custodial Officer, and Public Intoxication. All of the Resisting and Battery charges were Dismissed, allowing defendant to pursue her new career.


30. March, 2013. People v. F.. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. A. DUI case. Motion to Suppress, pursuant to Penal Code Section 1538.5, granted, and all charges Dismissed, after we proved that the arresting officers lied about the reason that they initially stopped defendant’s car.


31. February, 2013. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. People v. P. Defendant charged with 23152 (a), 23152 (b), and being an unlicensed driver. All DUI charges were Dismissed.


32. January, 2013. Los Angeles Airport Superior Court. People v. C.. Charged with seven felony counts, including possession of a machine gun, and possession of drugs for sale. District Attorney requested $100,000 bail. Court, instead, released client on his Own Recognizance (OR) with no bail needed. Mandatory state prison charges, and the Probation Department recommended state prison. Court, instead, granted client probation.


33. January, 2013. People v. F.. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. DUI Drugs case, where both marijuana and methamphetamine were discovered in client’s blood. All DUI charges dismissed.


34. January, 2013. People v. S.. Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance. Breath Alcohol level discovered to be .22. Traffic stop included weaving, crossing over the street dividers, as well as multiple equipment violations. All DUI charges dismissed.


35. January, 2013. People v. V.. Orange County Superior Court, Harbor Beach. Client arrested for felony DUI Causing Injuries. Victim’s medical expenses exceeded $100,000. Drugs discovered in client’s blood included Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Diazepam, Methamphetamine, Cannabinoids, Alprazolam, Temazepam, and Hydroxyalprazolam. Charges reduced, and case resolved, for standard misdemeanor DUI, with no injury allegation and no custody time.


36. December, 2012. Two Southland major college athletes avoided out-of-state felony prosecutions, one for Drug charges, and another for Assault charges. The first never had to attend the court proceedings, at all, while the other appeared once and will never need to return. All charges will be dismissed.


37. December, 2012. Orange County Superior Court. Home for the Holidays, to remain with his family, court  released my client on House Arrest, pending trial for a Special Circumstances Murder charge.


38. September, 2012. People v Nguyen. Torrance Superior Court. Four count Sexual Abuse case involving father/daughter. Conduct alleged to have occurred over three year time period. Offered state prison sentence on 1st day of trial. Offered probationary sentence, with one year county jail, on 2nd day of trial. Settled for No jail time on 3rd day of trial. Maximum 22 years in prison at risk.


39. August, 2012. People v West. Los Angeles Superior Court, Downtown. All charges dismissed, just prior to the commencement of the preliminary hearing, in a multi-strike ammunition case, when we were ready to present an affirmative defense. Client also released from his parole hold and his probation violation, and left the jail the same day.


40. August, 2012. People v Tran. Los Angeles Superior Court, Pomona. Armed Forces Recruiter charged with sexually assaulting a female recruit. All charges dismissed by the calendar judge, after we were sent out to trial. Convinced the trial court to transfer the court file back to the calendar courtroom, where the original judge granted a Motion to Dismiss for violating client’s constitutional right to a speedy trial.


41. July, 2012. All charges dismissed, in Arizona, for a prominent Los Angeles college athlete who was arrested in that state. Charges were dismissed without said athlete having to return to Arizona.


42. April, 2012. People v Nagle. Orange County Superior Court. DUI charge dismissed following successful Motion to Suppress the blood result, under Penal Code Section 1538.5, for failure to follow constitutional requirements regrading proper medical procedures in the withdrawal, and testing, of the blood sample.


43. April 2009. People v. M. Defendant charged with Attempting to Murder both parents, Personal Use of a Deadly Weapon (Knife), and causing Great Bodily Injury to both parents. Convinced court and prosecution that Defendant was NGI, without a jury trial, and Defendant was housed in psychiatric treatment until his release in 2014.