"Words cannot express our gratitude for the miracles you have worked for our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
    - R.
    "I look forward to seeing you in the future, and the invitation is always open. Thanks again for the kind words, and the friendship. It never ends."
    - D.
    "Michael, We just want to thank you all for your help in this awful situation we are in. We really appreciate having you on our side."
    - F.A.
    "I find you incredible as a lawyer, and as a person."
    - J.
    "All I can really say to you from the bottom of my heart, is thank you for all you’ve done, with amazing professionalism, you certainly know your business."
    - C.B.
    "I've said it before and I will say it again, you are the single most positive role model in my life...Again, thank you."
    - Former Client
    "More than just your services over the last 20 years, you have been a beacon of light for me, and an inspiration I have used time and time again to not stray from the right path."
    - Former Client
    "I appreciate the time and effort you are expending for me."
    - E.C.
    "Attention greatest attorney in the world"
    - C.B.
    "Thank you graciously for your time, hard work and legal representation."
    - A.L.L.
    "You are the single most positive role model in my life."
    - G.B.
    "I did want to express my profound appreciation for all you’ve done."
    - D. S. K.
    "Your generosity and compassion to handle the case for my friend is sincerely appreciated."
    - E.S.
    "I firmly believe your words and your time have already made a difference."
    - B.L.
    "I can’t even explain how much I appreciate what you have done for me."
    - J.F.
    "I’m thankful for everything that you were able to do for me."
    - J.A.
    "I was living on a cloud for about a week when I was informed my case was closed and probation terminated."
    - P. S.
    "I am extremely appreciative of all the legal work you have done on my behalf. I cannot begin to know or understand the complexities of your profession."
    - A.L.
    "We really appreciate having you on our side."
    - F. A.
    "I have always been struck by the amount of courtesy and professionalism you continue to show to nervous officers testifying under your cross examination."
    - D. D.
    "I have been around Attorneys long enough to know whom possesses stellar qualities."
    - G.
    "I appreciate your help—more than you know."
    - L. A. K.
    "My husband had asked me to initially call you because he highly respects you and felt you were the best at what you do, saving lives."
    - M. K. L.
    "J. advised that you’re like the James Bond of attorneys."
    - A. V. I.